Gaptastic Cowl

You know you are a long way behind with your blogging when the project you are writing about was completed eight months ago!  Actually there is a little more to it than that!  You see when I was planning my trip to USA in August, I wanted a project to take with me to fill those idol moments.  It had to be simple and able to be picked up and put down at a moments notice and it also had to be packable (thinking small here). 

The Gaptastic Cowl had appealed to me for quite a few winters now and I had picked up the perfect acrylic knit in black in the perfect weight some time previously in a sale.  I like acrylic for scarves because it is both light weight and soft.  The only other thing I would use acrylic for is beanies. With great plans, I assembled my materials and flew out for my trip.

I think my knitting was pulled out once during the whole trip!  Firstly at 40 degrees plus celcius, despite aircon, knitting is the last thing I could get my head around.  Secondly, there really was no downtime!  So my knitting came home largely untouched.  I did finish it though, but by this time we were well and truly into spring and writing about a winter project in spring just didn't seem appealing.  

Fast forward until now, and I am ready to wear said scarf!  After highs of 26 degrees a week or so ago, we have been plunged into winter well and truly this week and this has seen my scrambling for anything with any warmth.  Yesterday I even packed up my summer dresses and unpacked my winter coats.

This cowl was an easy and satisfying make.  I think it will get a lot of wear over the winter months and the pattern is one I will probably use again.


  1. Looks nice and cosy and that colour will work with lots of outfits.


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