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My latest pair of pants may not be my most technically challenging but it does fill a need in my wardrobe.   Elastic waisted 'trackies' are my pants of choice when sewing, combined with a tee shirt.  Fitting is never my favourite part of any project but when the clothes I am removing are simple and comfortable it certainly makes the job more bearable.

 The fabric for my latest pair of Papercut Anima pants was purchased online from Backstreet Bargains.  It is a lovely weight sweatshirting but for some reason it has very little to no stretch.  For this reason they are a little more snug than I would like.   I didn't have any matching ribbing so chose to use some navy blue ribbing for the waistband from my stash.  I also had a rather large roll of navy cording and this and a couple of silver coloured cord ends also sourced from my stash were used to finish the pants.

Both my navy and black Anima pants have had tons of wear and are now looking a little washed out so it is nice to have a tidier pair even if they are only worn at home.


  1. Oh yes - sewing clothes need to easy on/easy off! These look perfect!

  2. Trackie pants are worlds most underrated garment - they can take you from bed to the supermarket and back again. Perfect!!!

  3. Never under estimate a neat pair of house trackies, I really like the contrast waistband.

  4. These look great Andrea and so comfy. I need some pants like this in my wardrobe.


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