New Look 6225

One thing my wardrobe was really lacking for spring/summer is work appropriate tops. 

When Lincraft has a 40% off sale at the beginning of spring I snapped up a few pieces of lovely rayon and new New Look 6225 would be earmarked for one piece.

I played with layout for a while before giving up on any hopes of pattern matching and just ran the sleeves lengthwise.  This was a necessity due to buying too little fabric.  I rather like the resulting effect.  What I don't like however, is the fit of this one.  If I was to make another, I would need to alter the pattern .  It tends to gape a bit at the back hip.  I think I actually need to go down a size.

While I wouldn't call this top a fail, I certainly wouldn't rate it a favourite.  The fit in the neck and shoulders is nice but the width lets it down.  The pattern does however have potential.


  1. Matching stripes in rayon can be quite tricky. I like your top and the effect of running the stripes in the opposite direction on the sleeves. Maybe you could run the side seams in a little to reduce the excess width? I think it looks fine as it is though.


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