Selfless Sewing

In the winter months Courteney bought herself some printed sweatshirting from Spotlight to make a Papercut Undercover Hoodie like mine.  

After a few months of taking up valuable real estate in my fabric cupboard though, somehow she had convinced me to make it up for her.

She chose some cotton sweatshirting and ribbing from my stash and we used this to break the rather vibrant print of the main fabric. I paid extra attention to the pattern matching on the pocket and you would hardly know it was there.

While I was polishing my Mum halo, I also whipped up a new tee shirt for her using some sale table knit fabric from Fabric Vision using my favourite tee shirt pattern, Tessuti Alexa.

Now that I have delivered on a couple of promises it is time to get back to sewing for me!


  1. Two lovely garments. You are a very kind mum. You have definitely earn't the right to do some selfish sewing now.

    1. Thanks Jean! With Christmas upon us it could be some time1


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