Merino Tessuti Alexa Tees

 Courteney and I have been restocking our merino tee drawers.  Over several trips to The Fabric Store we have bought enough merino fabric that we have been able to mix and match our pattern pieces.  It started as a way to use up the leftovers but actually we both agree that these tees are our favourites.

The tee pattern we used is Tessuti Alexa which is one of my favourites.  Don't ask me if it is my favourite because I will give you a different answer on any given day but I have to say it is certainly up there.

As always, The Fabric Store merino was lovely to work with.  We have everything here from merino polypropylene to merino nylon and everything in between.  

Sorry about the photo overload but given I have made this pattern up soo many times now, I didn't think each tee warranted its own post.  I will however leave you with the photo of the day in February that I had the forethought to buy all of this merino, when actually merino and the cold was the furtherest thing from my mind.

Courteney and I will be looking very colourful this winter in the usual sea of black.


  1. Wow, you really have stocked your t-shirt drawer! Well done.

  2. These will be so useful throughout the winter. Merino is so warm and cosy. Lovely colours too.

    1. I think merino is the best thing about winter.


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