Pyjama Party

A couple of years ago I picked up 4 or so metres of wincyette at the op shop.  I had full intentions of making myself some new pyjamas with it but somehow cake always got in the way.  This year, my pyjamas would best be called a disgrace so procrastination was proving shameful.  I knew it was time to actually take action.  
I got my scissors out and cut up my offending pyjamas to create a pattern for a new pair.  There is nothing like destroying an item of clothing to motivate yourself to replicate it.  I always knew that my pyjama pants would be matched with a tee top and the best match for my fabric was a white interlock knit from my stash.  I could have bought some more fabric but part of the appeal of making my own was to be a bit thrifty and make them for less than rtw.  I always knew the quality would be better but there is still a part of me that insists my me mades cost less than rtw.

My rtw pants had a a ribbon bow which is both very pretty but a pain in equal measures.  I wouldn't have even bothered with this detail except I had the perfect piece of ribbon that came on a gift pack from my son for Christmas.  

The top is made using Tessuti Alexa,  my favourite, or at least one of my favourite tee patterns.  For a little interest I chose to add a small piece of wincyette at the back neck because I had seen this detail before.  The pocket was also made using the wincyette but it wasn't until I was nearly finished that I decided to add the ribbon trim.  This nearly proved to be my undoing because unpicking the stitches left tiny holes in my interlock.  Fortunately I was able to conceal these within the confines of the pocket so unless you look at the reverse, you will never see them.

Courteney also decided to get in on my pyjama party and made a pair of her own.  She bought a rtw tee to compliment her pair and appliqued her favourite dog on the tee, a dog she named 'the smug chihuau'.  Who wouldn't be happy wearing pyjamas like that!


  1. "There is nothing like destroying an item of clothing to motivate yourself to replicate it."
    That is motivating me to get out my scissors- whcn I stop laughing. Very smart pj's.

  2. I should really do the same - I have a heap of tops that I retire from day wear to night wear, but my PJ pants really need replacing . Maybe cutting them up is what is needed! Your PJs are very inspiring.

  3. Very cute! My own pattern that I've been using for years is also an old pair that I chopped up. I never even bothered to trace it, just rolled up a front and back leg and that's my pattern!

  4. Hmmm, perhaps I should get my scissors out and attack most of my wardrobe. Anyway both of you have made really cute PJs .

  5. Very cute pyjamas. The addition of the ribbon is a lovely detail.


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