Stylearc Barb Pants in Bengaline

On my eternal quest for the perfect pair of pants, I dug through my pattern stash and found Stylearc Barb pants.  From memory, this was a free pattern for signing up to their mailing list.  I have put on a little weight lately and found that my Stylearc Elle pants are a little tight, so my need for new pants had my keen to try a different pattern.

Unfortunately the first pair I cut with the stretch running the wrong way.  Fortunately though I had more fabric so after I had finished being angry at myself for the wasteage, I cut a second pair. According to my measurements, I should be a size 12.  I could have in hindsight, cut a size 10.   My bengaline is extremely stretchy so a size 10 may work better on a fabric with less stretch.

 Before stitching on the waistband I tried the pants on for a final fitting.  I just wasn't happy with the fit.  I lay my favourite pants on my new pants and drew a chalk line down the side seam and recut my pants using this line.  In all I removed around 2cm at the widest point.    The new cut is a much better fit.  I do however find the rise quite high.  It may have been better if I had cut a size 10.

I have ended up with a wearable pair of pants, although looking at these photos I feel they could be a little long, but I certainly wouldn't rate this pattern as a tnt.  I bought a Craftsy course in trouser block drafting so hopefully I will be able to solve my trouser fitting woes soon.


  1. I wasn't happy with the fit with the elastic waistband, so I cut the rise lower in the front, added a zipper and put on a fitted waistband . I will try the Elle pant next.

    1. I hadn't thought about doing that! I don't mind the elastic but they are very high.

  2. You're not human if you don't cut bengaline the wrong way at least once in your sewing life :)

    It's a shame these didn't turn out the way you'd hoped bu the trouser block drafting course sounds really interesting.

    1. That was a bit of an unhappy accident!

      I just have to find the time now to do the trouser block courses.


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