A Hat Fit For A Fella

While I have been sewing up a storm recently, the onset of the cold makes me want to hunker down and pull out the knitting needles.

Courteney had been doing a little Windows shopping one day and came across a beanie she liked.  She didn't though like the price tag that went with it so managed to talk me into an after work trip to the wool shop to get supplies.  We found a free pattern and some lovely merino alpaca wool at Lincraft. Unfortunately, after finishing this project I cleaned out my knitting bag and have since lost the cover of the wool ball so I can't remember the exact brand but it was a 10 ply so really quite quick to knit up. 

The pattern is A Hat Fit for a Fella.  It is actually designed to be knitted in the round but because I am inexperienced doing this, I chose to add a seam up the back of mine and knitted it flat.

The resulting hat is a lovely fit and so soft.  I am tempted to make one for myself!


  1. This is really cute; I think you definitely deserve one for yourself! :)

  2. Nice hat! I bet she appreciates it at the moment with the freezing temps! I like knitting in the round, I really don't like sewing up knitting. Maybe you can try it for your one!


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