Each winter when the weather starts to get really cold, I tend to switch out my sewing for knitting.  There is nothing better than curling up in front of the tv on a cold winters night with my knitting.  I am fully aware though that working 5 days a week, my wardrobe does not need too many handknits so I try to limit my jerseys to one new one each winter.

I am a big fan of Amy Herzog and her custom fit variations.  A couple of years ago I plugged my measurements into her website and out came a custom fitted double knit sweater designed exactly to my measurements.  It has back and front darts and as long as I keep the tension and weight of the wool the same, I will end up with the same size results each time.  All I need to vary is the stitch it is made up in.

My latest version is called is called Options and is actually a really simple stitch.  I tend to leave out the front shaping on my most recent versions because being sway backed I find that only the back shaping is really essential.

This particular version is made using a very nana looking cardigan that I picked up at the op shop that was in fact made of lovely quality wool and appeared to have hardly been worn.  I did however have to be very careful that I had enough wool to finish the project.  This did actually get a bit hair raising towards the end but I did make it with a small amount to spare.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you will have seen that I spent the last week in Queenstown skiing with my family.  The above photographs were taken on the foreshore of lake Wakatipu.  There isn't a lot of snow in this photograph but we did end up staying during the coldest week of the year so far and on the following days these mountains had a generous covering.


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