The Pattern That Keeps On Giving

McCall's 6992 has become a tnt and used for everything from hoodies to jumpers.  This time I used it to make a jumper using some gorgeous Marc Jacobs wool plaid that I bought at The Fabric Store in their end of winter sale last year.

I have permanently altered my version of McCall's 6992 now because I found the neckline to be too wide and low.  Otherwise this pattern was made as drafted. I have, however, added 5mm to each side seam to ensure a little extra room, because the fabric has minimal stretch and I have gained a little weight since making the original version.

This jumper was mostly made on my overlocker with the hem finished using my coverstitch machine.  I did run a single line of top stitching around the neckline just to hold the rather thick seam flat.

This winter for some reason has been quite mild and my really warm layers haven't had much wear so despite finishing this a month or more ago, this one hasn't had much wear.  I made an identical one for Courteney and hers hasn't been worn much either.  Unless we get a late run of bad weather, I think now it will be put away for next winter.  I am okay with that!


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