Sasha Shorts

I am completely out of order with my blog posting.  I have a small list of clothing that I made to take to USA with me that I made in July/August that I have still to write up.  The reason for this is not complete laziness, it has more to do with the seasonal inappropriateness of making summer clothing in what was then winter.  Now these items are starting to see the light of day again so it is time to get them written up.

I discovered that when I was planning my holiday wardrobe, I didn't own a pair of city worth shorts.  If I am going shopping at home I tend to wear a skirt or dress in the summer so all my shorts are more beach and home appropriate.  I really had the need, and this is quite unusual for me, for a pair of longer plain shorts.

I had a small remnant of stretch cotton drill left over from my first pair of Sash Pants.  There was quite a bit of pattern maneuvering to get the shorts out and I only had enough fabric for the front of my waist band.  The back needed to be cut out of another piece from the scrap bin.  For the pocket liners I also raided the scrap bin.  To find enough fabric in a coordinating colour because this time I didn't want to go all wild and use a contrast, I chose a different fabric for the front pockets to the back pockets.  Both pieces were left over from projects of Courteney's.  I had to buy a zip but the thread and buttons were both from my stash so this project cost me next to nothing,

The only change I needed to make to the pattern was to add a bit of width to the legs so I could make cuffs for the shorts.  I would have liked to make them slightly wider but again, fabric restrictions came into play.  The cuffs were an easy make.  I simply hemmed the shorts with a 3cm  folded hem and rolled them back to form the cuff.  I didn't even need to stitch them in place at the side seams, they stay put as they are.

These shorts have been worn a lot!  They are starting to get a slightly worn in patina with them that is consistent with cotton drill but given these are casual, I am completely okay with that.

Don't I just look like the cat that got the cream in this photo?


  1. They look very good too. So great to use stuff from the scrap bin! Travel is one of the things that forces me to be a (slightly) productive sewer, as I usually need different clothes from home and I can’t go and buy them if I run out of time as it’s the Wrong Season. I look forward to seeing your travel wardrobe. Did you have a good trip? Feel free to include gratuitous travel pics!

    1. I actually did buy pants! I decided after I finished work, the day before I left, that I needed a pair of quick dry shorts and pants. With no time left to sew, a quick trip to Kathmandu sorted out the issue. I was pleased I did because we had a couple of days of torrential rain in New York and cotton shorts would have been a soggy mess.


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