The Sewing Revival Heron Dress

The Sewing Revival Heron Top I wrote about in my previous post, was a wearable muslin of sorts for my latest dress.

I happened to be in The Fabric Store picking through the remnant bin, when I came across a piece of their heavy weight linen.  It had a random stripe down one selvedge but from what I could tell it didn't appear to be very noticeable.  I took a punt even though their remnants are bundled and wrapped in cardboard.  I had in mind a pair of wide leg trousers with this piece of fabric.  Once I got home though, and washed the fabric, doubts began to creep in.  As much as I love linen the wrinkles do bother me, so I felt a pair of trousers was not really a good fit with this linen.

A few weeks sitting in the stash, and I had decided against the pants and settled on the Heron Dress.  With a bit of careful cutting, I figured I could just get it out of the piece I had and I was right!  I needed to cut the belt in two pieces and also cut the sleeve in two pieces but neither of these changes is noticeable when the finished dress is worn.  I finished the hem with a bias tape made from some cotton voile that I picked up from Annah Stretton which I felt looked a bit Nana for my liking but made perfect bias binding.  

I am really pleased with the dress and it was definitely the right decision.  Wrinkles in a dress don't bother me nearly as much as wrinkles in pants.  This dress is working out just as I hoped as a great transitional piece in my work wardrobe.


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