Tessuti Alexa/Monroe Mash Ups

My scrap bin was overflowing for a while there recently, so Courteney and I decided to have a sort out.  We removed all of the scrap merino and put it into a separate bag.  Courteney then began separating it into potential individual projects and my latest two mashup tops are a result of that.

The first top I made was using some merino Courteney used a birthday voucher I gave her to buy.  She accidentally cut a body piece the wrong way which mean't she didn't have enough fabric for her project.  It was a disaster at the time but ended up being a happy accident because she had to think outside the square to use what was left.  She managed to make herself a top and I used up what was left on this top.  

To make it I used Tessuti Alexa for the body and sleeves and Tessuti Monroe for the turtleneck.  I forgot to change the neckline so the undercollar is visible but I quite like the way this one looks so I am calling this a happy accident.

The second top I made is again using Tessuti Alexa for the body and sleeves and Tessuti Monroe for the turtleneck.  This time I remembered to alter the neckline to the Monroe which is higher than the Alexa.  For the fabric, I used a piece of leftover stripe 100% merino which is another The Fabric Store purchase.  This stuff stretches like crazy so I used clear elastic on the shoulders to stop it stretching out.  For the remainder of the top, I cut up this dress which is too small but has lovely quality fabric.

I now have two very useful tops for the winter that cost me nothing but a bit of time.  I really love this sort of project!


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