Carolynish Pyjamas

Before Christmas I decided I lacked plain tee shirts.  I found a piece of cotton jersey on the bargain table of Fabric Vision in this delicious pink that fit the bill of a plain tee perfectly.  Because the fabric didn't have much lycra content, if any, I decided to upsize my  trusty Tessuti Alexa tee.  Initially I cut the wrong size, so my first version ended up as Mum's Christmas present but after a quick trip back to Fabric Vision, I had my second cut out.

This fabric was lovely to sew and I was rewarded with a very nicely constructed well fitting tee.  It was at this point that I decided to be a bit clever and add an iron on transfer that I had bought online from Aliexpress.  My daughter had used heaps of these in the past so I was going to get her to help me.  I got a little impatient waiting though so decided to give it a go myself, after all, how hard could it be!  Very hard as it turns out!  Those little feathers did not want to stick and I was left with a bit of a hot mess!  Swear words were said, I can tell you!  Anyway rather than waste a rather well constructed tee, if I do say so myself, I decided to put it aside and use it for a pyjama tee.

This tee taunted me from the chair in the corner of my bedroom for a month or so until I decided to make some shorts to go with it for our road trip.

I had just enough left over from my floral Ariana Sundress and that with a piece of mystery blue fabric from my scrap bin for the trim, was just what I needed to make Closet Case Carolyn Pyjama Pants.

In the end my disaster tee ended up being a very useful item of clothing.  I have since bought another piece of the same jersey fabric to make a replacement tee but this will probably not happen before next spring now.

Pattern (used before) $0.00
Fabric $11.25
Transfer $2.17
Thread $6.00
Total $19.42

Fabric (remnant) $0.00
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Elastic (from stash) $0.00
Total $0.00


  1. Oh yes, heat vinyl is a delicate balancing act of temperature, pressure and time. Whew! I'm glad you made it work though. This is a super cute set!


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