A Checked Deer & Doe Myosotis Dress

 My first Deer & Doe Myosotis hasn't had as much wear as I had hoped and I think that may be because the colour is just not one that is in my colour palette.  I do like the style and it is nice to wear so I thought I would give the pattern another outing in a colour that is more me.  The fabric I chose has been in my stash for probably going on for 5 years now, bought from an op shop in Dunedin on one of my son's swimming trips,  so it was time it was moved on.  It is a crepe in red and navy and although it has a reasonable amount of drape, it also has more heft than my previous version.  I was inspired by all of the gingham dresses that have been popping up in rtw of late but didn't want to buy into the trend too much because I am well aware that trends do not last long.  This fabric is not really a gingham but does have a small check so it is quite similar.  I imagined my dress worn with sneakers while the weather is still warm and layered with tights, a merino and boots when the weather gets cold.

I had less than two metres of this fabric so knew it would be tight to get the dress out.  I spent quite a bit of time laying the pieces out and to make it work, I had to run the ruffles down the grain and piece the facings.  The fabric while a check is directional but the way I have cut it, it looks intentional and really isn't noticeable unless you look hard at it.

Because I have made this dress before, it was really quick to make up.  While I am not working, it is about as formal a dress as my wardrobe will tolerate, so hopefully it will get worn quite a bit.  Time will tell on that score!


  1. very pretty and love it with the sneakers

    1. I don't tend to make much at all these days that can't be worn with sneakers!


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