Liberty of London Fleece Hoodie

Way back before Christmas, my sons were having difficulty knowing what to buy me.  My daughter suggested they go online to The Fabric Store and order me a piece of Liberty Fleece.  She helped them choose the print and gave them the length required and left the rest up to them.  They of course, thought it was quite a lame present but I was thrilled when I opened it on Christmas Day!  I told them that all fabric is always gratefully received.  I knew that I would be making my signature hoodie pattern out of it but trying to match the fabric colours for ribbing and the inside of the hood could be a sticking point.

As autumn started to kick in, I made a visit to Haralds as they have an extensive ribbing selection.  I wasn't disappointed and managed to pick up the perfect shade of coral to match.  My daughter came through with a piece of fabric for the hood and the perfect colour shoe lace for the tie.  I came straight home and cut my hoodie out.

I have made so many of these now that running them up is really quick.  I did have to sew the raglan seams on the machine first because I opted to insert a plain coral strip to match the hood to break the floral up a bit.  I nearly didn't add it, but I am pleased I took the time to do it because it really finishes it off nicely.  There was some unpicking to get the strips of even width so basting first was a good decision.

I really love how this hoodie turned out. It has been worn a lot since it was completed.


  1. really nice - I would never have thought about making a hoodie but it's a fun idea for personalized wardrobe. for casual/sweatshirts I usually just buy but the print is better


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