A Raglan Walking Top

 I bought myself a raglan hooded top while on holiday in Wanaka recently.  It is designed to be a ski base layer I think but it got me thinking about the tops that I wear for walking in.  

Shortly after, I happened to be in Spotlight looking for something else altogether and came across this floral sports knit.  It was in the clearance bin which and was the only roll there.  It was as though it was meant to be.  This fabric had to come home with me.  I am not sure what makes it a sports knit because it is unlike anything I had come across before.  It has a peached finish on both the inside and outside and has a very warm feel to it which is perfect going into winter.

I dug out my favourite raglan pattern which by now has been altered to within an inch of its original form and altered it once more to include a high neck.  To the high neck I added a turtle neck of sorts.  This turtle neck is designed to be more of a slouchy turtle than a close fitting one and gives the cosy close knit feel without being clingy like a true turtleneck, if that makes any sense at all!

I wasn't finished with my changes yet though!  To the sleeves I added long cuffs which I included thumb holes, making it perfect for chilly mornings.

I am really pleased with how this top turned out.  I like to wear it under a vest for cool morning walks.  I can see more of these in my future.


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