What A Difference 12 Weeks Makes

Remember this photo, taken in the first week of June?  It snowed all day and we received the lowest daytime temperature on record of 0.4 degrees Celsius.
Well, here is my garden, taken today in the same spot on the first day of September or more importantly if you live in the southern hemisphere, the first day of spring....yippee!  You can see if you look closely, the plum tree to my right, just beginning to break into blossom and the camellia to my left also breaking into flower.  It is a really pretty time of the year where I live.  The colours are vibrant with daffodils popping up everywhere, even in the parks.  Although not sunny this afternoon when this photo was taken, the temperature was still 18 degrees Celsius, some 18 degrees higher than that June day but also 2 degrees cooler than last Saturday.  It seems spring is here to stay.  It hasn't rained in the last two weeks so things are drying out nicely. 
Don't be too fooled by this picture though...the jandals live by the door for quick trips to the garden and aren't something that I normally wear at this time of the year and the tee, well my cardigan was removed to show my new Renfrew that I am previewing here.
This Renfrew is made using left overs from this top.  I was fortunate enough to have just the right amount of fabric left with no wastage for this version.  There is not a lot more to say about the Renfrew as this is version number six.  I have certainly had my money's worth out of this pattern.  I have snuck in this tee with August's projects because it has been finished for a couple of day's but I haven't had time to photograph.


  1. Wow that is quite a contrast!! Gotta love the onset of Spring :)
    You can never have enough Renfrews!


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