A Blessing

When I made this cardigan, I had no idea what a blessing it would be in a short space of time.  Yes, we did have temperatures topping 28 degrees Celsius over Easter but just a few short days later, I was shivering in single digits with snow falling on the hills around where I live.  I kid you not!  The weather in Christchurch can be extremely fickle but 28 degrees to snow within a week is ridiculous!  My youngest son even sent me a photo at work the other day of his tobogganing exploits a mere 30 minutes from home.  For a while there I thought we had skipped autumn altogether but the sun has come out again but in a somewhat cooler form than previously.

To make the cardigan, I once again reached for Jalie 3352.  You may remember I used this pattern to make my cocoon cardigan.  I bought some lovely Merino Lycra from The Fabric Store in their end of summer sale.  It is a beautiful medium weight with a lovely drape so lent itself to a cardigan.  I have been admiring all of the boyfriend style cardigans appearing over the summer on the Northern Hemisphere blogs and mentally stored it away for our own winter.

I cut the front of the cardigan down the centre and  cut a v neck using my Sewaholic Thurlow for the shaping.  I then  added a wide front band.  I also added large patch pockets and a band at the hem and wrists.  Rather than risk making a mess of my button holes I used synthetic snaps in black down the front.  I love these snaps and my press, they make these sort of projects really easy.  Oh and did I mention that I have thousands of the things from my nappy making days, so I am actually doing my stash a favour at the same time.

I love my new cardigan.  Okay, I may have needed to layer it in the really cold weather but as an alternative to a hand knit for winter, this is perfect.


  1. It is a blessing - there is a definite chill in the air.

    1. Oh yes, winter was certainly making its presence known this week


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