Experimenting with Lekala 4114

 I, like a lot of other people, can't resist a sale.  The Fabric Store's end of winter sale has particular appeal.  Merino and wool are a staple in my winter wardrobe but the price does scare me especially given there are 6 sheep to every human in New Zealand.  Each winter I keep my eyes and ears pealed for any hint of a sale on any wool fabric or yarn for that matter.  My current make is actually from The Fabric Store's sale at the end of last winter.  So keen was I that I drove across the city, a 40 minute drive, in the snow to nab myself a bargain.

I had intended to make some sort of cape from this lovely piece of wool blend but after spending hours on the Internet researching my project and cutting it out, realized that the fabric is too heavy to hold the style well.  A moment of panic ensued when I thought I may have ruined my lovely and still pricey piece of wool.  A little bit more pondering and I decided that I could actually rescue this project.  There has been a bit of project rescuing going on around here lately (sigh).

I pulled out my Lekala blanket jacket pattern from last winter with plans to rework it somehow.  It wouldn't be easy but it was doable.  The last thing I need is another winter coat because at the moment they take a size able portion of my hanging space plus I usually wear a company issue jacket to work.

This time I settled on a coatigan style.  A relaxed unlined unfitted coat with raw edges, a garment that is more structured than a cape/wrap but still had the same vibe, a garment that would be warmer in Christchurch's cold, by Southern Hemisphere standards anyway, winter.  

So I started playing with my fabric.  Firstly I enlarged the entire pattern by 3cm at the side seams and under sleeves.  This didn't give the effect I was after, so I narrowed them back to the original pattern.  The one change I did make from the original was to leave the sleeve hem raw, and to make self facings that are visible from the outside of the coat, also leaving them raw or frayed.   I didn't add pockets but after wearing it the first time, I may go back and do this.  Pockets are a handy addition and I found myself wishing for somewhere to casually put my hands, keys and cell phone.  The jury is still out on this!


  1. Great colours and great rescue! I vote for the pockets.

    1. I think I am leaning that way as well. The big question is though, can I be bothered now!


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