Tessuti Alexa Again

I have lost count of how many versions of Tessuti Alexa I have made but I keep coming back to this pattern.  There are a lot of good tee patterns out there but this one is a great classic fit.  It is fitted without being tight which makes for not only a comfortable fit but also work appropriate.  I also like the neckline although I have reduce the height by 1cm.  It is a great height for wearing with scarves in the winter.

The onset of winter in the last week or so after a non existent autumn, sent me scrambling for warm clothes.  I had conveniently forgotten I had Kondoed my merino tees a few months back after discovering they were a bit rubbed and washed out.  I had great plans to replace them, but really, who can be bothered making winter clothes when the weather is warm!

I bought this white merino nylon tee shirting at The Fabric Store in their end of winter sale last year.  I always intended it to be made up in this pattern, it was just a matter of time.  It was really quick to make up, with most of the construction on the overlocker.  The only real sewing was to finish the neckline, hem and sleeve hems with a twin needle finish.


  1. I'm currently searching through my pattern stash for the perfect plain winter t-shirt. If you've found it, go with it.

  2. I have found I am in desperate need for some warmer clothes too, now that winter has arrived. I haven't tried this pattern but it certainly works well for you. I am eagerly waiting on a delivery of some merino knits from The Fabric Store in New Zealand at the moment.


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