McCall's 6992 in Liberty Fleece

I was in The Fabric Store recently and while I was waiting at the counter, I checked out their remnant bin as I am prone to do.  I found a few gems in there and this piece of Liberty was one of them.  The price was so good that I really couldn't leave it behind.  I knew when I bought it that it would become another McCall's 6992.  What I didn't know was there was enough fabric for the hooded version.

I went through my entire stash looking for just the right colour of ribbing to match.  It should have been easy to find something because there is about 6 different colours that I could have chosen from.  In the end I picked up this dusky pink colour ribbing from Fabric Vision.  I spent quite a bit of time deciding between the pink and burgundy but felt the burgundy was more of a winter colour and I wanted this to be a transitional garment.

After cutting out the crew neck version I had quite a significant amount of fabric left over.  It wasn't quite enough fabric however to be useful for another garment so in the interests of stash busting I decided to go ahead and add a hood.  This created another issue.  What to line the hood with?  Since neither cream, dusty pink or burgundy are my usual knit fabrics of choice, I had doubts about my ability to deliver this of my stash but what do you know, I had the perfect remnant sitting there just begging to be used!  The fabric in question is a cotton lycra knit left over from my Stylearc Kylie Knit Top.  The two fabrics were made for each other.

To create the hood, I used Papercut Undercover Hoodie as my pattern.  I used my modified version which is now a permanent redraft because I do like the cross over at the front as opposed to just meeting at the front.   I  then added eyelets for the cord to thread through.

I finished the hoodie off by adding an unused boot lace in pink that I found in my stash.  I always keep the spare shoe laces for emergencies but they also make great hoodie ties as well.

I am really happy how the whole hoodie came together.  The fabric is really thick and cosy and made the perfect top for my camping trip to Geraldine Farmyard Park a couple of weeks back.


  1. I love your combinations of fabric for the hood and ribbing. Very clever of you to add the hood. It looks so cosy.

  2. You were very lucky to find a remnant large enough of this fabulous liberty. Such a nice change from a grey hoodie ( I own a couple and I want to make something more interesting like yours ).

  3. I love that you used all those bits and pieces and came up with something totally unique, beautiful sewing as usual :)


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