New Look 6459 in Linen

In the autumn, some six months ago, or maybe it is even longer, I made up a third pair of New Look 6459.  I had visions of wearing these into winter with tights and ankle boots but it never happened so these trousers just lay around my unblogged items pile ever since.  It is high time them that they joined their counterparts in the actual wardrobe.  

This particular pair of pants are made of a lovely drapey linen from Cotura Fashions end of summer sale last year.  At least I got that bit right and this fabric didn't actually become a stash resident.  At the time I was inspired by a pair I saw on Tessuti's blog.

From memory, I think I may have made this pair slightly larger than the previous ones because I was carrying slightly more weight at the time.  Either that, or the fabric has relaxed somewhat and they are now just a smidge too loose, especially after a day sitting at my desk.  I still really like them and they are lovely and cool to wear.  I just don't like them quite as much as the olive suiting pair that I made last summer.

I think I may have also been a little optimistic about how little fabric these would take as I have had to put a seam in the centre of the waist band.  Not that anyone would actually notice in this flecky linen!

These pants will be a great addition to my spring wardrobe but if I do lose any more weight, I may just need to run them in!


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