Papercut Anima in Merino

This is one project I had put on the back burner until next winter but with a looming camping trip I bumped them well up the queue.

Once again the pattern is Papercut Anima.  I have lost count of the number of pairs I have made but this pair will not be the last!
The fabric is merino lycra from The Fabric Store in black.  I had been wanting a pair of these all winter after Courteney had practically lived in hers.  To trim it I raided my remnant bin and found a piece of  black and white ponte.  I cut back the pockets slightly and trimmed these as well.

These pants are practically identical to an earlier pair I made, and still wear, earlier this year.  The difference is, these pants are made of light weight tee shirting and are not at all suitable to sitting around outdoors at night while camping in spring and certainly not suitable for a New Zealand winter.

There really isn't a lot to be said about this pattern and in turn these pants that hasn't been said before.  I do know from experience that they will slot in to my wardrobe nicely and will end up becoming a staple next winter.


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