Mountain Biking Tees

Joel is rather mountain bike obsessed at the moment and each weekend he manages to talk anyone who can drive, into  taxiing him and his bike to the hills so that he can ride.  Of course, a new sport requires new clothing to match and given Joel's budget does not extend to expensive designer sporting brands, Courteney thought she would try her hand at a few knock offs for his birthday.

The basis for all of these tees, is Thread Theory's Stratcona Henley which I have printed at 90% to fit his smaller frame.    Using a mixture of applique and fabric paint and stencils made using  adhesive book covering, Courteney has made quite the collection of new tees.  The fabric she chose, for the most part is breathable sports knit from Fabric Vision's sale table.  The grey striped is a lovely weight cotton lycra also from Fabric Vision's sale table.

Joel is really happy with his new tees, but did get a little bored of the whole photo taking process!


  1. Great work Courteney! The tees are great.

  2. Impressive. Not only the sewing and the logos but wanting to sew for her little brother ! You have done something right there Andrea - it is lovely reading about happy families.


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