Cheyenne Meets Oakridge And Simplicity


I had been admiring the Hey June Cheyenne Tunic for quite a while before a hit the buy now button.  I had just the fabric in mind as well, a lovely Liberty Tana Lawn called Painters Meadow.  I really wanted a classic style for such a classic fabric and I thought that the Cheyenne Tunic would fit into my wardrobe nicely.

After printing out my pattern, I quickly realised that my plan was not going to work.  The pattern had no front darts, agh, which are a non negotiable for me, even though I am only a B cup!  After working out my size I also found out that the pattern was very narrow across the shoulders.  Rather than try to adapt the pattern I decided to start with a tnt blouse pattern and reverted to an all time favourite of mine, the Sewaholic Oakridge.

All was not lost with my Hey June pattern though! I still loved the neckline even though the pattern itself was not suitable for me, I used the neckline as drafted of the Cheyenne Tunic but the basic pattern of the Sewaholic Oakridge.  I wasn't finished with my Frankenpatterning though, and decided to use  the sleeve of Simplicity 8084.  To do  this I cut the Sewaholic Oakridge  for the sleeve cap and used the Simplicity 8084 for the lower sleeve.

I really love my frankenpattern top!  It was made before Christmas but hasn't had much use over the summer because I prefer to wear dresses over separates in the heat.  It will get a ton of use over the autumn and will fit in nicely with both my work and casual wardrobes.


  1. Great work on incorporating features from all those patterns to create your ideal shirt. Isn't it wonderful being able to sew.

    1. Definitely! You can always be assured of finding something you like!


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