Ogden Cami Versions One and Two

Before Christmas I decided I wanted a True Bias Ogden Cami to go with a project I was intending on making using my self drafted pattern.  Funnily enough, said self drafted pattern has actually never materialized and in fact has been largely shelved since finishing my drafting course at the end of the school year.  I may resurect it or I may not, I haven't yet decided.  What I do know though is I really love the Ogden Cami!

This cami project is not my first foray into cami making.  I actually made the cami from Simplicity 1366 last summer but forgot it was such a lovely pattern and got rid of it figuring I would never make either the top again  or the skirt.    Since the Ogden Cami had such great reviews I decided to give it a go.

I found a piece of black rayon in my stash and figured it would make a great wardrobe builder.  I don't tend to have a lot of solid fabrics in my stash and I really should.  I seem to be drawn somewhat like a magpie to the pretty prints when I visit the fabric store and pass over the solids.

The Ogden is really quick to make up and lovely to wear. It isn't cut on the bias although I see no reason why it couldn't be, so sizing could be a bit of an issue.  I was lucky enough to make the perfect fit right out of the packet.  

I found myself wearing this little top quite a bit in the heat before Christmas, so much so that I also made one for Courteney to add to her Christmas gifts and another for myself from fabric leftover from my Christmas dress.  

Would I make this pattern again?  I would say definitely!  These two tops have been quite the lifesaver in the unrelenting heat we seem to have had this summer.

For those of you that are wondering about the boats in the first picture, they are called a waka which is a traditional Maori canoe.  These wakas though,  are hired by tourists for guided trips around the Abel Tasman National Park.


  1. Lovely tops Andrea. I have been eyeing off this pattern for a while now and you have just convinced me to go for it. I have a couple of pieces of rayon in the stash that would be perfect. Thanks for sharing.

    1. As simple as it is, it is a great one for using up small pieces.


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