McCall's 5400 Bikini

When I initially wrote this post up today, I included an entire paragraph justifying my decision to wear a bikini as an over 40 year old but you know what, the older I get, the less I feel the need to justify myself and actually really do not care.  I wish I had been that way as a 20 year old!

As much as I love my Sophie bikini, my McCall's 5400, I think is my favourite and given it is a little tired it was time to replace it.  I had enough fabric left over from last years tankini to make it happen.

I had ample supplies in my stash which meant the only thing I had to buy was the clasp.  I even managed to harvest the cups from a new but ill fitting bra.

As is my preference, I fully lined both the top and bottoms.  I find this helps with the fabric stretching out with use and also for modesty purposes.

My new suit fits, as predicted, as well as its predessesor and has had a lot of use over what has been a very hot summer.  As an extra bonus I now have mix and match pieces that will work with last summers tankini. 


  1. You've got a better body than this 27-year-old, you rock that damn bikini!!
    Looks comfy and supportive - I love the cut and the fabric choice! :-)

  2. No apologies necessary; ever!! And hopefully no one tells you how "brave" you are. I hate one piece suits. Since sewing I've learned it's because I'm literally two sizes top and bottom and could never buy one! :) So now...sure I could make one...or I can wear 2 pieces like I always have! Easy peasy!

    Very cute suit. I love the fabric.

    1. There is certainly a certain amount of being brave when you put your swimwear photo out there on the internet! Hopefully the sunglasses ensure a small level of anonimity. I am the same with sizing. A bikini certainly takes care of that!

    2. You look great in your 2 piece bathing suit.


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