Blackwood Cardigan

The Blackwood Cardigan has been on my to do list since it was released.  I do love a cardigan and they are on regular rotation in my wardrobe.  The Blackwood appealed to me because it is a close fitting garment and I knew made in merino, that it would become a staple in my work wardrobe.  What I didn't realise is that it isn't designed to meet in the middle at the 
front.  I do like to wrap my cardigans around me in the cold weather.

The fabric I chose is a piece of merino nylon that has been a long time stash resident.  My measurements put me at a medium which I found odd.  Usually at size 10, I fall into the small category but not this time.   

The cardigan was really quick to make with most of the construction done on the overlocker.  I took extra care with the pressing because this fabric really doesn't like the iron.  

Once I had the entire cardigan finished I discovered that it was actually a bit too small.  I measured the pattern which I should have done before I began, and discovered that the pattern has negative ease so I really needed to go up to a large.  What the.....I have never been a large in my life! The size was also exaggerated by the fact it doesn't meet at the front.

I didn't actually think I would wear the too small cardigan and was really quite disappointed but surprisingly this cardigan has been worn quite a bit despite its snug fit.  

Would I make this again?  Well, yes and no!  After I had finished this version, I actually made one for Courteney in a larger size, which was somewhat better.  I then wondered if I could draft my own in a shape I liked better and you guessed it, that was exactly what I did!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the fit. I like mine to meet in the middle as well - otherwise I feel like I'm wearing something too small in the bust - not good particularly as I'm big-busted to start with.

  2. It's a fabulous colour! And I like your back yard too :-). I was just thinking I should get this pattern when I saw yours, until I read the part about not being able to wrap it around you. I live in my Style Arc Laura cardies, and the best thing is the wide wrapover for those cold evenings or chilly waits at bus stops. I like this on you, though.


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