Tessuti Monroe Turtleneck

When Tessuti released their Monroe Turtleneck just in time for the New Zealand winter I was very quick to download it and add it to my sewing plans.  I had made their Mandy Boat Neck Tee and this top is inspired by this pattern.  While I did like the Mandy Tee, I found it to be quite boxy and probably not really suited to my 8 shaped body.  Because I had doubts about it, I chose to make it up in a piece of cotton lycra that I had picked up on the $3 table at Fabric Vision.  As much as I love the fabric, I have a ton of it so some of it became sacrificial you could say.

I cut my pattern to XS as my measurements dictated.  In hindsight I could have gone a size smaller but my bust measurements put me at a small so I had already sized down one size.

The top was really quick to make up with most of the construction on the overlocker and the remainder on my coverstitch machine.

Would I make it again?  Probably not, well, not in this format anyway!  I do find the boxiness of the top makes it quite drafty to wear, which is fine in the autumn but New Zealand winters are notoriously cold by Southern Hemisphere standards so I prefer clothing to be a snugger fit.  The neck however I do like and this is really snugly.  Because we have had a warm autumn, I haven't had the opportunity to wear my new top until yesterday.  I will wear it for the next few weeks but when the cold really kicks in I think I will reach for something a little more fitted.


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