Reversible Rivulet Scarf

 In July last year when I was in Queenstown, I bought myself a little holiday souvenir in the form of some very New Zealand knitting wool.  It was somewhat of a decadent purchase but hey, I was on holiday and holidays by their nature are somewhat self indulgent anyway.  The wool is Zealana Rimu and the colour I chose was R32, slate.  Zealana Rimu is 60% New Zealand merino and 40% brushtail possum.  

The possum is an introduced species to New Zealand that is native to Australia.  It is quite a pest here in New Zealand and does a lot of damage to our bush and even eats the eggs of our native birds, some of which are endangered, even our national icon, the kiwi.

From Zealana's website:

"Zealana is committed to the responsible management of the brushtail possum in New Zealand and when you choose our luxury knitting yarns, you are choosing to be part of our sustainability story"

When I returned home from my holiday, I began planning what I was going to make with my wool.  I actually ended up paralyzed with indecision and more than once fell down a rabbit hole on the internet.  Eventually I settled on Purl Soho's Reversible Rivulet Scarf, because it is reversible and unlike most cable patterns, it didn't have a right and wrong side.  What really sealed the deal is it is free.

I am really happy with my rather luxurious new scarf.  I must admit, because I had taken so long to knit it I was quite pleased to see the back of it when I finally completed it but the wait was certainly worth it.  


  1. Wow, I'll have to keep an eye out for that wool. It looks luxurious.
    You didn't mention that possums spread TB and other diseases too. It always feels odd hearing Australians go on about the cute possums. When in Melbourne a while back I was approached in the street by a group asking for donations to save the possum - not something that would happen here.

    1. Certainly not! They are quite the pest. Their fur does make for lovely knitting yarn though and as much as I don't like to see the culling of animals at least in this case the fur is put to use.


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