One Pattern Four Ways

I have made no secret of my love of Jalie 3352.  I have lost count of the number of tops I have made using this pattern.  At the start of each winter there are at least a couple that find their way into my wardrobe.  This year, though, I thought I would mix things up a bit and tweak the pattern a bit.
For top number one, I measured the circumference of the top of the sleeve, doubled the measurement and created a frill using this length of fabric.  I cut the frill on the fold to avoid having to stitch a hem.

For top number two, I added the cowl neck from Sewaholic Renfrew, another favourite of mine.

For top number three, I used the neckline from Tessuti's new Monroe Turtleneck.

By the time I got to top number four I had run out of inspiration and actually made the top as per the original pattern.

All of the tops are made from merino in various blends from The Fabric Store.  Winter is starting to bite now, so these tops will come in really handy over the next few months.  Do I have a favourite?  Actually no!   In fact, all of that colour will make a great antidote to the grey that inevitably comes with winter.


  1. great variations and all those colors look great on you.

    1. Thank you! I had my colours done years ago and found out I am a winter, so I tend to stick to winter colours.

  2. What a fun use of a great basic pattern! I love all the colors and especially the pink...and I love the frill on the first top.

    1. I have to admit, the frill idea was a blatant copy of another pattern but I really like how it worked out.


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