Replacing Old Favourites

Sometimes the most boring projects can be the most worn and my latest project is both.

Back in 2014, I made a black ponte elastic waisted skirt that I have literally worn to death.  Both this skirt and the longer striped skirt, which developed a pull that turned into a hole, have become firm favourites in my winter wardrobe.  It made sense then that after their demise that I had to replace them.

As much as I love a woven pencil skirt, over the last couple of years, my weight has fluctuated quite a bit which has made an elastic waist a sensible option.  Oh dear, when did that happen!  I used to be firmly in the no elastic camp and now in my fourties I have not only joined the elastic camp but I wear very little else when it comes to skirts!  I partially blame Stylebook.  Logging what I wear has made me far too sensible and since I now have concrete evidence that I don't do frou frou, and in fact, being an 8 shaped body, I don't even suit frou frou on my bottom half, I have become a little boring when it comes to skirts.

The fabric for my skirt isn't at all boring.  It is a remnant of DKNY cotton lycra that is deliciously thick with fantastic recovery.  I bought it at The Fabric Store in their summer sale.  I knew the minute I laid my eyes on the roll that I wanted, no actually needed to buy that fabric and turn it into a pencil skirt to replace my shabby ones.

Choosing a pattern for my skirt was a no brainer.  I love all of my Itch to Stitch Lindy Petal Skirts particularly the pencil versions.  So as is my usual practice I simply cut two backs instead of the fronts and mostly whipped it up on the overlocker.  The top stitching around the waistband and the hems were both done on my sewing machine.

This skirt has been made for over a month.  Since I will probably wear this skirt more than once for Me Made May, I thought it was high time that I photographed it and got it up on my blog while the weather is still nice.  I must say I am loving  not needing tights in the middle of May but I know it won't last.


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