Closet Case Sasha Pants Take Two

Despite making one pair of Closet Case Sasha Trousers, which were less than perfect, my love of this pattern is already running deep.  I knew once I had finished the last pair that I would be making another.  I also knew that these would fit into my work wardrobe seamlessly.  I am currently the only female in my office so pants are my go to most days, especially in winter when the air conditioning struggles to keep up in the glass house that is my office.

I have over the last year or so managed to collect quite the collection of Sasha worthy pants fabrics but the fabric I chose for my second pair has been a long time stash resident.  I picked up this piece of lovely printed medium weight stretch cotton fabric from The Fabric Store 5 years ago when I was in Dunedin for a swim meet with my youngest. At the time The Fabric Store was taking a break from Christchurch after our earthquake wiped out their store.  Each year when I visited Dunedin, it was always a treat to visit and come home with a treasure or two.  I never intended for these treasures to sit for so long.  

This time I cut my Sashas out a size smaller than my measurements suggested and also a size smaller than my first pair.  Once again I made them exactly to the pattern.  The only change I made was to scoop out the crotch a little at the back to account for my low seat and to run in the centre back seam slightly to account for my sway back.  I also added cotton twill tape at the top of the waistband to avoid it stretching out just like I did with my last pair of jeans.

Because I am committed to reducing waste wherever possible, I used an old business shirt of my husbands for the pockets and waistband binding.

I have to say, I love these pants!  They are a little loose in the back legs, but everywhere else the fit is fabulous.  There are quite a few wrinkles in the photos but this just goes with the territory with cotton pants.  I think the measure of a good pair of pants is how comfortable they are and this pair certainly score a 10 on that note.


  1. These look fantastic? Does the sizing run big in the pattern or was making a size smaller than your measurements due to the amount of stretch in your fabric? Great idea to use a business shirt for your inner lining--that would be a perfect fabric weight for these areas and matches so nicely.

    1. Thank you! I think the sizing is pretty accurate but the stretch does, as you say affect the fit.


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