Grainline Moss Midi

All things 1970's seem to be everywhere at the moment.  From furniture to clothing, the 1970's seem to be the now decade.  While I haven't yet succumbed to the flares trend, although come spring, I may do, there have been a few silhouettes I have been coveting.  The midi skirt with knee boots look is one I have been secretly wanting for a while.  Because I am short, though, it is quite a difficult trend for me to pull off.  Light coloured skirts, are a no no for me but in a dark colour, I wondered if I could make it work.

I had a small amount of stretch moleskin left over from these pants from 2015, which are long gone from my wardrobe.  There wasn't enough for pants, which didn't bother me because one of my pet peeves with this fabric and in turn the pants, was the lack of recovery.  For a skirt though, I figured, it didn't really matter.  As long as I could make sure the waistband didn't stretch out, I really am not all that bothered about the rest of the skirt.  The front, I reasoned would have pocket stays anyway.

I had Grainline Moss mini already in my pattern collection having made two of these already, so this was my starting point.  I simply extended both the front and back pieces to gain as much length as I could out of the small piece of fabric I had and pegged it slightly.  I also added a walking slit that I created by simply turning my seam allowance over twice and running two rows of top stitching down to secure.

For the pocket stays, I used a minute amount of fabric harvested from one of my husbands business shirt.  This particular shirt had been used for pocket stays for another project so I had to run the facings and the stays in opposite directions to cut the pockets out.  I also didn't have enough for the waistband binding so needed to use another remnant for this.  It doesn't match but doesn't look terrible either so I am not really all that bothered.  It is on the inside anyway and this is after all a scrap busting project.  Initially I wasn't going to bind the waistband but after pinning it together I realised that I had too many bulky layers to sew through tidily so this was my solution.

My new midi skirt is really warm to wear and I quite like it with the knee boots as pictured but I will probably also wear it with ankle boots and tights.  If I had one criticism though, I would shorten the waist slightly at the back to avoid the folding at the yoke.  I had reduced it by 5mm but I clearly needed to remove more.


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