Self Drafted Cardigan

After making my second version of the Blackwood Cardigan in a bigger size which I have yet to blog, I decided to alter the pattern to better reflect my style.  Yes, I like the original pattern but the fact the fit is not quite right for me and it doesn't meet in the middle which I consider important for keeping warm in a New Zealand winter, so I thought it may well just be simpler to start again.
I listed all of the things I wanted in a cardigan and really just came up with a version of my black cardigan which is worn constantly.  This time however I decided I wanted a set in sleeve and not a dropped sleeve.  With this criteria in mind I drafted up a pattern that would hopefully become a tnt.

The fabric I chose is a loop back merino nylon that I picked up in the remnant bin at The Fabric Store.  Like the Blackwood Cardigan and my black cardigan, I decided to add pockets.  
I came unstuck a little when making the bands and ended up cutting them too short. Unfortunately I didn't have enough fabric to cut new bands so had to make a design feature of the extensions I was forced to add.

I would have like to have put buttons on my cardigan but finding a matching colour was problematic so I ended up ordering some Kam snaps from Aliexpress which I attached with my Kam Snap Press.   These are only for decoration because I never button up a cardigan.

Now that I have my tnt cardigan pattern, I have two additional pieces of fabric lined up to make more, oh and Courteney has her order in as well!


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