Today is one of those days best spent doing very little. It is cold, sub antarctic type cold. The kind of grey damp day you spend at home. My daughter is sick so I have been conned into doing her paper round.
Today I am wearing an Altica top by Kathmandu, down vest by Kathmandu, canvas sneakers by Levis, self knitted scarf using feathers in black/grey/white and wool blend brushed knit lycra pants based on McCall's M5251. I combined the straight legged crop version with the cullottes and lengthened and narrowed the leg to achieve the result I wanted. These are the most comfortable pants I own aside from the cropped version I made for spring/autumn. Being not a big fan of anything remotely trackpants like, these are my walking pants. Sorry about the picture of this one. I had to have it taken before my daughter caught the bus at 7.30 in the morning and the light was not the best for photo taking.


  1. Those pants look great! I'm like you, and I never ever wear tracky dacks. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon...


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