When I was making the jeans for my youngest the other week, I confess I hacked up a pair of jeans and realised that I had cut them wrong and I couldn't get the jeans out of the fabric I had left. I shoved them in a bag and put them aside. This has been bothering me ever since.
When my daughter asked for a banana bag like the ones you buy at Country Road, I had a light bulb moment and thought the discarded jeans would make the perfect bag. I cut the legs into strips which I stitched together to make the body of the bag and found a piece of fabric for the circles at the ends in my stash (it had been sitting there since my 12 year old was little) and ended up only buying the zip and webbing. Job Done!


  1. Great bag, and a terrific use of old jeans!
    And I really like your outfits in the post below. Lovely winter-y colours. And, unrelated but uncanny, you look very like a good friend of mine who lives in NZ...


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