Finished Finally!......
I started knitting this jersey for my son last winter and have finally finished it. It is made of 100% wool and in natural tones. It is made of my and my husbands unpulled jerseys and this is the last of the wool left, hence the co-ordinating striped look. It has a hoodie which is essential on any 7 year old boy with fashion sense. He initially complained it was itchy but the warmth and coziness has won him over. He is wearing the jersey with the jeans I refashioned from an adult pair. These are his favourites and have only come off him for washing since I completed them.


  1. That is a very handsome knitted hoody. I like your use of different stripes for the body and the sleeves. Kudos to you for a totally recycled outfit.

  2. Thank you! I am rather pleased with it. What you can't see is the hood is the third colour variation of the stripe.

  3. A beautifully finished hoodie! Well done for re-using your old wool...


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