Back to Square One....
I had great plans to do a bit of sewing yesterday but my plans were rather ruined by two large earthquakes under the city.
After the first, a 5.5, I walked down to my sons school and collected my youngest son who was sitting in the playground waiting for the buildings to be safety checked. My older son was at another school and would be back by bus at 3.00pm. The second earthquake came at 2.20pm, and was a lot more terrifying than the first, at 6.0. We didn't sustain any damage but the swimming pool overflowed quite badly and has made quite a mess of the yard. Again I walked to school to collect my older son as the school has a policy that in an emergency parents need to collect their children from school. The buses were late due to the increased traffic on the roads and by the time they returned the children were quite distressed and the teacher was looking very stressed indeed.
Fortunately this time we have power, although a large portion of the city does not, not a good thing in the depths of winter. Sewereage is out in large areas of the city and we are back to boiling water. Large holes have again opened in roads and yards and are spewing water and silt. Thankfully nobody died but more buildings have collapsed and one poor family had their house fall over the cliffs in my earlier photo. The church you see in partial collapse in my earlier post is now no more, reduced to a pile of rubble.
For today, my kids are once again home from school as the cities schools all need to be checked for structural defects. Today will be spent keeping my childrens spirits up. Maybe later in the day, a nana nap to catch up on the sleep I missed out on last night, listening for the aftershocks to roll through.


  1. Yes, we've been listening to the news about the terrible quakes over there with bated breath. It's been an awful time for your city. Such good news that there were no fatalities this time, but it's so awful that people have lost their homes.
    Best wishes, and thanks for your nice comment.


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