End of October Wrap Up

Don't the months roll around quick.  I have a heap of projects to start/complete before Christmas.  Some of these are for myself and some are gifts.  There certainly are not enough sewing hours in a day. It is really hard to pick a favourite this month but I think it has to go to my new swim wear closely followed by the orange and pink dress.  Why did I pick the tankini?  Well, I surprised myself with this one.  I didn't have high expectations for the results of a me made suit but actually surprised myself to find out that it is as good as any store bought suit I have ever owned.  If the current weather continues, it will soon be in regular rotation.
Red Capris
Pattern $25.00
Fabric $20.00
Zip $0.00
Button $0.75
Hooks & Eyes $2.75
Total $48.50
Navy/White Top

Pattern Used Before $0.00
Fabric $1.99
Total $1.99

Pink Capris
Pattern Used Before $0.00
Fabric $16.00
Zip $3.90
Hook & Eye Accounted For $0.00
Button Reused $0.00
Interfacing $5.00
Thread $2.79
Lining Leftover $0.00
Total $27.69

Pattern Used Before $0.00
Fabric $8.00
Elastic $4.40
Total $12.40

Pattern Used Before $0.00
Fabric $7.00
Elastic $2.00
Thread $2.79
Total $9.79
Turquoise Dress

Pattern $12.00
Fabric $12.00
Total $24.00
Orange/Pink Dress

Pattern Used Before $0.00
Fabric $16.00
Total $16.00
October Total $140.37


  1. I missed the striped dress until now - I like that one very much!

  2. another great month! I'm jealous that swimwear elastic is sooooo much cheaper where you are!

    1. I got mine from Lincraft. I bought 8mm at 49c per metre. I should have bought more because I went back and they didn't have any of that size left. That is my biggest issue with Lincraft, they don't restock regularly. Your Lincraft prices should be similar

    2. That's terrific, but since my nearest Lincraft store is over 4000km away in Sydney I guess I'll just have to make do with the expensive stuff we have here.

    3. That could be a problem! According to their website their is one in Perth but unless it is easily accessible it may not be worth it.


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