Positively Autumnal


Not only does that describe my colour scheme today but also the weather.  I did manage to sneak outside long enough for my daughter to snap my photo but was forced to change into something much warmer and far less in keeping with the time of the year, for the southern hemisphere anyway, for the school picnic and my sons Christmas carol choir performance this evening.

I made a new top using Vogue 1224.
Yes, it is a dress pattern, but I felt that it leant itself to a top.  I added 16cm to the length of the bodice and added my Renfrew band to the bottom.  The fabric I chose was a nylon with a small amount of lycra in it, not the swimwear variety, from this op shop fabric haul.  There wasn't quite enough for a dress but just the right amount for a top and a wearable muslin.

Today, I am wearing my new top with my grey Jalie jeans that I wrote about here.  I actually like this pattern more than I thought I would.  I always imagined it on me more as a top than a dress but the final result has encouraged me to try it in a dress....watch this space!


  1. So much better as a top - brilliant!

  2. This top looks really lovely on you...the fabric choice looks perfect for you.

  3. I love that outfit - good thinking with the dress to top conversion! I hardly ever think to do that - and it's especially good with your Renfrew band on the bottom. A great outfit overall (love the fit of those Jalie jeans).

    1. Thank you! Changing the patterns up a bit certainly makes them more versatile. I was a little concerned with this one because usually I don't suit elastic waisted clothing which was why I decided to make a top out of it.


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