Lazy Sunday And A Thank You

While the older male members of the household indulged their inner petrol head tendancies, the rest of us were doing this.....

Okay, I did this!

while master 9 mastered the skim board

and showed up his older sister who couldn't master it at all and quickly gave up before she broke something vital

and the dog reaquainted herself with a trick she thought she had forgotten.....water fetch!


Gabrielle of Up Sew Late gave me an award for commenting 

on her blog. 

Basically, the idea of this award is to say thank you to the 

people that support your blog.  In the spirit of the award, I 

wish to pass it on to the following 9 people:

Interupted Sutures

Sew Busy Lizzie

Sew Love Red

Mushy Wear

Handmade By Carolyn


Paradise Lost


Mimi G Style


Some of you may have already received this award but to all of you....Thank You!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry, these things can often be a bit like chain letters.

    2. I hope that didn`t come across wrongly - I did really mean thankyou - I do like to comment on blogs.

  2. Your weekend looked pretty awesome = we spent the weekend cleaning windows and the roof = getting ready to sell our house.

  3. I think my day trumps yours as well, although selling ones house is very exciting but a lot of work!


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