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I made a new top.  This one is in response to my overwhelming need/want of a Papercut Patterns flutter top and my lack of need of another pattern and the $25 price tag to go with it.  I have a favourite shift dress so couldn't see why I couldn't just draft a suitable sleeve to go with it.  

After examining the shape of the drop shoulder on the dress I laid
my front and back of New Look 6145 on my drafting mat and set about drawing a new shoulder line 3 centimetres lower than the existing. I then narrowed the neckline by a further 1.5cm because I just find the neckline in this dress too wide. Because I was worried about the depth of the armhole with the new armhole shape, I lowered the armhole 1 cm.  I then lowered the sleeve cap to match and added 1cm to the width of the sleeve as well.  Once this was complete, I proceeded to cut the sleeve into 3cm splits, splaying my slits a further 1.5cm until I had a sleeve I was happy with.  I hope all of that make sense?  I have provided visuals because words at 6.30am are not my strong point but more on that in another post!

Now that I had my pattern, it was time to assemble the top.  For the fabric I once again rummaged through my remnants and came across a piece of polyester of some sort, with good drape, that had originally been bought for lining for a coat but ended up becoming  this top, so it was really time it was finally used up. 

I omitted the zip in the back but should have allowed a little extra width because I forgot that this being a top needed to be worn over a skirt or pants so needed a little extra ease.  The problem was easily fixed by adding a vent to the centre back seam which the Flutter top pattern had anyway.  I finished both the neck and sleeves with matching bias binding.

Despite it being a little tight in the hips, although this is now remedied, I really like the fit on this top.  For the next version though, I will lengthen the sleeves by 5cm to just hit the elbow.


  1. I love these simple tops your making. I agree that the price of most of the Indie patterns is outrageous. I have a few Papercut papers (actually I'm a huge fan) but not the one you want. Otherwise I'd offer a trace.

  2. Nice work on the alterations! I bought this pattern recently and am keen to make up the dress in a stretch sateen.

  3. This is what sewing your own clothes is all about. You don't have to buy every new pattern that comes out. Just use your sewing/drafting skills and use the patterns that you already have and adapt to create the new look you are after. You have done a great job on creating this stylish top.

  4. Preciosa!!! Excelente detalle en la manga, Felicitaciones!!!

  5. Very pretty and well done putting in the effort to work it out yourself. Great job!

  6. Great top - I love the way you take inspiration from other patterns and use what you have. I got sucked in to buying the pattern :)


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