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For the last several winters Courteney has asked me to make her a jersey.  I was reluctant due to concerns that she would tire of it rather quickly as teenagers are prone to do and my efforts would go to waste.  By this winter though, I gave in to the pressure.

 I had rather a large collection of leftover greys and blacks in my stash and decided to put them to good use.  Stripes make a great stash busting solution so this became the basis of my plan.  After checking with the wearer, I was given the thumbs up and put my plan into action.  All of these greys and blacks are 100% wool and left over from my own jerseys and cardigans.  The wool is double knit so my Amy Herzog custom pattern was adapted to suit.  It is a good job Courteney and I are similar sizes.  

Because of limitations with wool quantities, I opted to reverse the stripe colours in the sleeves.  This is not the first time I have used a combination like this.  In 2011 I made this hoody for young J when he was seven.  Wow, it is hard to believe he was that small!

The jersey knitted up beautifully and it was quite simple to leave off the centre panel in my custom fit pattern and lengthen the pattern slightly to suit Courteney's wishes and I did lower the neckline slightly as well.  

The jersey has been finished for four or five months now but I haven't had the chance to photograph it.  Rather than wait any longer I decided to photograph it today on me.  It will, no doubt, now be put away until next winter.


  1. Great use of those bits and bobs! I always love stripes...nice!! I understand not wanting to rush into making something for a teen...but how could she not love this!

    1. She does love it but the bonus is that if she tires of it, I may just take it back!

    2. She does love it but the bonus is that if she tires of it, I may just take it back!


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