Old Favourites

 I tend to make a new pair of shorts each summer and always using Sewaholic Thurlow as my pattern.  I know, I am a creature of habit!  These are though, the most flattering and comfortable style I have ever worn.  Being vertically challeged shorts are a particlarly difficult thing to get proportionally right.  My latest shorts make four pairs using this pattern and I don't see me retiring it any time soon.

I had a small piece of lovely denim left over from my Ginger jeans and knew it would be both soft and stable enough in equal measures for this pattern to work.

I knew there would be quite a bit of jiggling required to get the shorts out of the fabric I had.  I managed just, with nothing left over.

I rescued a shirt of my husbands to use as the pocket bags etc and quite like how the purpley blue matches the indigo denim.

These shorts are super comfy to wear and despite the extreme heat in Las Vegas, I wore these a lot.  Never underestimate the value of dark colours in your travel wardrobe, especially when laundry facilities are few and far between!

I have been wanting to add a pair of denim shorts to my wardrobe for some time now but not the sort my daughter would wear so these definitely tick a box for me.  What is it about remnants and the resulting garments.  They always wind up being my favourites!

Although it is not really shorts and sandals weather just yet where I live, I do have a new pair lined up to wear with my new shorts 
when the time comes.


  1. You must be my 'sole sister' . I'm wearing the same toenail polish colour! I can understand why you use this pattern repeatedly. It fits, it flatters and you know exactly what you are doing. You with what works for you.

    1. Haha! I love that orange colour but unfortunately it doesn't always love me hence my small concession.


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