All In A Weekend

I have had a small stack of fabric sitting under my sewing table giving me the hairy eyeball for quite a few weeks now.  All of this fabric was destined to be made up into things for my kids.


On Friday afternoon, I warmed myself up with a tee shirt for myself using a pattern I cut off a favourite rtw tee.  This was followed up over the next couple of days with three tee shirts for Courteney, which she was going to make for herself but ran out of time. The pattern I used was once again Tessuti Alexa .  I have lost count how many of these I have made up.  The fabric for all four tees came off  Fabric Visions sale table.

Following on from my marathon tee making spree, I made up the most uninspiring make of all, a satin sleeping bag liner for Callum who is off to India on a school trip after his year 12 exams next month.

Last but not least, I made Callum a pair of merino/polypropolene long johns using Style Arc Laura leggings pattern and fabric from The Fabric Store because we were struggling to find a pair that fit his slender frame.

So, why did I choose a long weekend for basic projects?  Well, for the last few weeks I have been working an extra 10 hours per week which unfortunately for my sewing mojo is a permanent thing.  Not only has this restricted my sewing time severely but it is also knocking my energy levels, so come Friday, tee shirts and sleeping bag liners are all my brain is capable of concentrating on.  I know this phase will pass and I will get used to said working week but I do wish it would hurry up so I can focus on more important things like summer dresses! 

It wasn't all sewing this weekend of course!  I did take the time to get out and mix with some of the other residents of the city!


  1. Nice T-Shirts. You have had a very productive weekend.

  2. Work is such a bummer sometimes . I understand the brain dead feelings. Nice Tshirts though ! Glad you got one in for yourself.

  3. You can't go wrong with a good range of basics. I often say I have plenty of Tshirts, enough to last a lifetime, but I'm actually finding myself in need of a few more too! Different sleeve lengths and necklines can make all the difference!

  4. My t-shirt wardrobe is quite depleted. I should sit down and churn out a few too.


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