McCall's Twist Shirt

 McCall's 6992 was a pattern I bought in an online pattern sale before reading the reviews.  By the time I was ready to make it up,  was already having reservations.  The fabric I had chosen was not reversible which is necessary for the draped front so the entire project was put on the back burner pending more thought.  I put the pattern back into my collection but it was never far from my mind even after reading the less than favourable reviews.

It was after a recent visit to the op shop and my acquisition of two metres of black and beige georgette and a little online tyre kicking that I decided to make it up.  It was this shirt that really tipped the balance in favour of action.

I cut the top to size 8 which is one size smaller
than I would usually make, knowing that this pattern ran huge.   My plan was for 2cm seam allowance but even this wasn't enough.  I ended up running the top in a further 2cms down the side seams  in both the bodice and sleeves.  I also modified the back hem to a rather normal shaped shirt tail instead of the exaggerated duck tail as drafted.

I am pretty happy with the resulting top.  It makes a pleasant change from my usual bog standard work shirts but I think there really is only room in my wardrobe for one. My only small gripe, is that since I ran the top in so dramatically after carefully matching those squares up, they are now quite out of line.  Fortunately, because they are small, it is not really noticeable.


  1. It's very cute! I am still seeing this top in stores. I kind of like the other views in the pattern too!!!

    1. I like the idea of this top but I have actually found a similar pattern New Look 6303, that I am keen to try.


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