Papercut Anima V7

This weekend is anniversary weekend where I live.  It is a huge party week beginning with the NZ Trotting Cup on Tuesday, Agricultural and Pastoral Show on Wednesday to Friday and of course the all important public holiday on Friday.  It is the week that the country comes to town.  Although I stayed away from both the races and the show (someone has to work), I did take the opportunity of a long weekend to get out of town.  It was the first time this season that we have been away in our caravan.  We spent two nights at Lake Benmore,  off grid.  I did sneak onto Instagram briefly to catch up on news but that was about it.  I did take the opportunity to take a few recent projects with me to get a few interesting photographs.  I do get bored with my backyard shots from time to time but sometimes it is either that or no photograph at all.

My first project, is actually my most recent.  I ordered a piece of unbrushed cotton sweat shirting (although it wasn't advertised that way) from  I had initially intended a pair of Ginger type pants but when the fabric arrived the recovery was not nearly good enough for this style of pants so the fabric was shelved (literally) for 3-4 months until inspiration struck.  Unfortunately I didn't order quite enough to afford me much of a choice in styles and since a denim looking sweatshirt may just look a little odd, I stuck with my pants plan and whipped this pair up with my camping trip in mind.  I also figured they would make a really comfy, pull on after work pair of pants that were neither shorts or trousers.

The pants pattern I chose was Papercut Anima, which I have made before 6 times in total, so this pattern is a real tnt by now.  I made the shorter length but this time I shortened the band by just under a half because my previous pair I wear the band folded in half.

I am sure I will reach for these pants regularly both for weekend wear and camping and they will be perfect for weekend walks  because I am a reluctant legging wearer at the best of times.


  1. They look really good, I can see why you have already made six!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend camping :)

    1. Thanks Sherry! Yes, I had a lovely weekend camping and am looking forward to the weather settling so I can do a lot more of it.

  2. Great to have a TNT for this sort of thing. Your pants turned out very well, and I hope you enjoyed your camping trip.

  3. Amazing post! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?..


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