Grainline Morris Blazer in Houndstooth Ponte

All three versions of Grainline Morris Blazer are on regular rotation in my work wardrobe for nine months of the year.  They make great extra layers to throw on over a dress or blouse for an air conditioned office in spring and autumn and layered over merino for the cold winter months.  I love that in ponte they are like secret cardigans and they can be stuffed unceremoniously at the bottom of my work bag and be pulled out at the drop of the hat and look like they are freshly ironed.  They can be thrown in the washing machine regularly and look as fresh as the day I made them.  Adding to my collection then, was a no brainer.  Because my other three are solid colours, I really wanted a printed version and this remnant in red and black houndstooth was just large enough to eek this pattern out.  I did however have to add an extra panel on the bottom of each sleeve to get them long enough.

I was asked on Instagram how I get my front points so sharp?  I tend to cut the seam allowances right back as far as I can and turn them through with a chopstick.   The other issue I have had in the past with this pattern is the front and front facing doesn't sit flat.  To fix this issue, I hand stitched the facing to the front.  I have done this with all four versions I have made with this pattern.

I wore my new jacket to work today and out to our office ladies lunch, with my wool version of Vogue 1247 (an oldie but a goodie) and merino Jalie 3352.  These photos were taken before work this morning, hence the low light level and the heavy dew on the ground.  I find though that I also have this problem if I wait until after work to take photographs....oh the joys of winter!

Will I make this pattern again?  Well I would really like to because it is a favourite, but in reality how many do I really need!


  1. That's such a nice outfit, and the new blazer is gorgeous! I've been tempted to buy this pattern many times, every single one I've seen has looked amazing... hmmm :)

  2. This looks lovely in the houndstooth ponte. I agree with Carolyn...a very nice outfit.


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